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Hello world! August 7, 2008

Posted by Jamie Friedland in Uncategorized.

That may be a bold proclamation to make on a site that has yet to record a single hit as of this posting, but I stand by it.  I have decided to create a blog, and you have decided to read it (thanks).   The following is a little justification/explanation of The Political Climate:

Our world is a happening place.  Even within the narrow and often overlapping perspectives of politics and the environment, keeping up with the day-to-day developments is nearly a full-time job.  Maybe you don’t have time to keep up.  Maybe you didn’t know that you were that interested.  Maybe you agree with the honorable Stephen T. Colbert that reality has a well-known liberal bias, and, in light of that fact, don’t like your news outlets to pretend to be fair and balanced.  For any or none of these reasons, I invite you to check back here frequently or subscribe to my RSS feed. 

I don’t know if I can truthfully go so far as to call myself a news outlet, but I aim to highlight the noteworthy political and environmental stories that may slip through the cracks of mainstream media coverage.  And barring that, I at least promise to deliver you my take on the news with likely more than your daily recommended dose of liberal sarcasm.

I appreciate you taking the time to consider my thoughts and would like to return the favor.  I would love to hear your opinions and will try to respond to any comments or questions as quickly as I can.  Additionally, if you read or hear anything interesting and are curious about the veracity of a claim or would like me to look into it, please let me know; I would be more than happy to conduct a little research for you and post my findings.  I hope you enjoy my blog!




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