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Our Aging Nuclear Reactors Could Outlive the Average American October 12, 2010

Posted by Jamie Friedland in Climate Change, Congress, Nuclear.
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New post at Change.org:

Our aging fleet of nuclear reactors has outlived its initial licenses. Half of them have already been approved to operate for an additional 20 years and the rest will likely be offered similar extensions. There is even discussion of doubling their lifetimes to 80 years; our nuclear reactors could well outlive the average American.

We must be cautious about doubling the lifetimes of our nuclear plants: the AP reports that 27 of our 104 plants leak radioactive tritium, as demonstrated by the recent leak at Entergy’s Vermont Yankee plant. The accompanying cover up was less than inspirational. And we all know that leaks are not the worst nuclear risk.

That being said, America seems destined for a nuclear renaissance if for no other reason than Republicans will not support any energy bill without nuclear incentives. The Obama administration has been pushing nuclear as well. In February, it offered $8.33 billion in loan guarantees to spur new construction, and the president has proposed an additional $46 billion alongside significant federal subsidies.

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