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Texas Town Fights Fracking Near Dallas Cowboys Stadium December 6, 2010

Posted by Jamie Friedland in Natural Gas.
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Kim Feil, a concerned resident who lives in this threatened neighborhood, told Change.org about her work fighting drilling around her home. “This has been my full time, volunteer job since this summer. I have never worked so hard to just maintain our quality of life and property values,” she says. She spends her time going door-to-door informing renters in the nearby multi-family housing complexes and in a low-income trailer park. Most hadn’t even aware of the proposed project, since notification was only sent to the property owners and signs about the public meeting were placed on a street with restricted commercial access.

Ms. Feil explains that locals were assured that the drilling site would not be near them and would inconvenience them for just one month.  That just isn’t the case. Even without accidents or groundwater contamination, fracking is disruptive to the local community.

Read the full post and sign a petition to help this neighborhood at Change.org.